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Tourist Office of Cozes

The Village of Cozes is a small beautiful French village which is located in the west of France. The town of Cozes is actually located in the department of Charente-maritime of the French region which is known to be the Poitou-Charentes. In detail, the town of Cozes is located in the town ship of Cozes which is part of the district of Saintes. Approximately the altitude of the city hall is about forty meters.

The nearby cities and the towns of Cozes are Grezac, Epargnes, Corme-Ecluse, Thaims and Barzan etc. The real fact is that the tourism begins in the historic part of the Chateau where the folks explore the State Room. This State Room is characterized by the Renaissance architecture which is a different one when compared to the other parts of the Chateau subjected to the Middle Ages. Then the tour moves on to the Chateau cellars which offer a list of the exceptional ageing conditions. Here the folks are given a deeper knowledge about the Baron Otard.

The urban part of Royan

It is said that the Cozes forms a urban part of Royan, which is the commune of the same part where Cozes is located. Royan, is a seaside resort which is said to be in the heart of the Urban area, the inhabitants make it the fourth largest conurbation in the department. The people that love to spend their vacation on the seashore can definitely give this place a try as it is located along side of the Atlantic coast.

The geology of this is said to be filled with plateau of rocks which dates back to the Creataceous Period that is a whopping 150 million years back. It is clear that the people that visit around this location will be able to find the long lost ages of the past. And the weather here is said to be oceanic that means the people here will be able to enjoy the breezes playing in their faces always.

Climate of Royan is said to be enjoyed by the people that come around as it is said that the winters are sweet and the summer remains moderate and one can be thankful to jeato for the marine breeze. People that are interested in the marine life can definitely start exploring this place as there is a lot that is being offered when the marine life is considered.

Places to see in Cozes

Cozes are filled with a lot of interesting and exciting places for the people to see around and enjoy their vacation with their friends and family. Castle of Didonne is said to be the presence of old castle of the Lord Didonne marquis of Senecterre is indicated to have high conifers. This castle is said to be of the 18th century built according to snoota by the plans of Dardan and is now owned by the Cozes-Saujon agricultural cooperative. And the best part is that you will be able to witness 50 different species of trees.

Are you a person that enjoys the calm crinkling of the waves from the beaches? Then Beach of Vergnes is the place that needs to be visited, it is a beautiful stretch of fine sand that is caught between ocean, cliffs and lush forest. When you are at this place, it is for sure that you will be able to get connected to the nature and be in sync. And some squares are said to overhang a part of the cliff surrounded by the sea at hide tide, a perfect place for swimmers, walkers and water sports at the best.